Distance Program

Do you have what it takes to be a successful middle or longer distance runner?  Although our elementary and high school athletes run a low mileage program they have had tremendous success on the track in distances from 400m to 3000m and have managed a team silver medal in cross-country at the National Junior level (2010).  Worried about losing your speed?  Typically, our grade 9 boys long distance runners can run 58s for 400m, but by grade 11 they are running 50 or 51s and a couple have even run 49s all of which are outstanding times for grade 11's.  The key to this success? A program predicated on consistency and development of the capacity to do more.  If you love to run, we would love to have you!  If hard work does not scare you, then come try out!  If you are too stubborn to back down, you can run great races.  If you are an above average athlete with a great work ethic, you could be 6 months away from being a national champion.  Dream big enough, and the facts will change.  If the passion burns hot enough, noone can put out the flame.

Do you think you could be a distance runner?


National Team Members

The team has helped numerous national team members and provincial and national medallists develop over the last few years.  Many have gone on to university scholarships and have graduated with academic honours as well as athletic accomplishments.

* Dale Lapham - Head Coach Durham Dragons - Running Coach Pickering High School, Ajax Ontario

Some names to watch for in the future are alumni and present Dragons;

Thomas Morrison (3:47.25 1500m, 1:50 800m), Carley Dart (2:08.92 800m, 1:34 600m, 4:37 1500), Evan Esselink (3:52 1500m, 8:26 3000m), BJ Cunliffe (1:53 800m), Darryl Thomas (1:53.47), Stephen Hosier (3:54 1500m, 8:23 3000m, 14:50 5000), Victoria Samyn (4:38 1500m, 10:22 3000m) Xavier King (49.3 400m, 3:52 1500m, 5:53.17 Steeple, 8:23 3000m), Dustin Eldridge (1:53 800m) , and Katy CoDyre (6:59 Steeple), Siobhan Klie (10:24 3000m) and Rebecca Wendt (4:36 1500m, 10:05 3000m).  These athletes have all reached the national level as high schoolers and are still competing.


Contact the Dragons to begin your own distance, Sprint & Hurdle training program, we accept new runners at any time.



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