Hershey Track Meet Ontario


Hershey's Track Meet Ontario

"For many years, Hershey's Track & Field Games have put fun into fitness for kids. No wonder it's the largest youth sports program of its kind in North America. Each meet includes basic running, jumping and throwing events designed to make every player feel like a winner. If you're a kid between 9 and 14 who wants to have fun outdoors, or if you're a parent trying to encourage healthy habits, these Games were made for you". (Excerpt from www.hersheys.com) Ready to join the fun?

you will be Jet-set like a pro athlete!

This years Ontario Hershey’s Track meet TBA -. Winners of these events may go on to represent region 1 in the North American finals in Hershey Pennsylvania USA. Durham Dragons athletes that have attended these finals have said that the experience will last them a life time! If you are selected to represent your region (your time or distance must be the best of all meets in region 1) you will be Jet-set like a pro athlete!! You will be flown from Toronto International Airport to Hershey Pennsylvania to compete in the North American Finals. You will have 4 fun filled action packed days that include a day at Hershey Park (one awesome amusement park) and many other functions that will make this experience one to remember!!
What do you need?

all you need is a pair of shoes !

To enter this event, all you need is a pair of shoes and you’re off to the races. Entering the Hershey’s Ontario finals is not just for track club members but is for any and all youth from age 9 to 14. The Durham Dragons encourages you to bring your brothers and sisters and your friends to try your skill at being able to represent Ontario at the Hershey's North American Finals. GOOD LUCK!!
Are you ready to go?


In order to attend the provincial finals in Oshawa you MUST attend the qualifier meets, check Hershey site for location of Ontario Qualifier meets near you.


The Dragons have qualified numerous athletes to compete in the North American finals in Hershey PA. Call  289-892-2929 to get started